Social Responsibility.

Ethic Responsibility

The importance of rules.

Specialized in the production of die-cast accessories and components, handles, vehicle parts and small plastic auxiliary items, Ferremi pays great attention to standards and regulations. All workers involved in all our processes are trained to do the same and to always respect the rules. All manufacturing and managerial activities are based on both economical and ethic laws, regulations and values which are deeply connected to one another. Everyone, who works for Ferremi or collaborates with it, is dedicated to embody the highest standards of ethical behavior within his own area of interest and towards coworkers and collegues.

Our values.

Business trust and loyalty are the core values of Ferremi’s Code of Ethics: the importance of working as a team, the ambition to become more and more competitive by keeping an eye on innovation and facing daily challenges with optimism, a constant proactive attitude towards every day duties and tasks makes it possible to achieve successful results within the scope of the production of die-cast components and accessories. We are constantly focused on putting value on every single collaborator because we strongly believe that by improving his/her personal competences we can make an enthusiastic and satisfying working environment hitting the company at all levels. Positivism, enthusiasm, punctuality, good manners, teamwork and technical skills are core characteristics in our company.

The Code of Ethics.

Our Code of Ethics embodies the leading values that we shape and apply in our work every day. They show our corporate identity distinctively to the market attracting talents and best professionals of the sector and describe us as a competent and reliable partner able to always reach the most ambitious long-term objectives. In order to make the Code a fact, Ferremi has implemented its own system to notify and evaluate eventual unlawful behaviours undertaken by everyone who works or collaborate with our company.

Ethic and social responsibility

Sexual harassment, physical and psychological abuse are not tollerated in the company in any form.

Ferremi has its headquarter in Via Disciplina n°6, Agnosine BS. The company operates with approximately 60 employees in the automotive market by producing handles, die-cast and plastic accessories and components. Company protocols must guarantee the possibility to identify the corporate subjects responsible for decision-authorization making and conduct of operations. As a rule, the Company operates based on the principle of control represented by the separation of duties and, in particular, between that of “proponent” and that of “decision maker”. Individual operations are divided between different subjects, whose skills must be clearly defined and known within the organization of the Company.

Every corporate decision must be properly taken, registered authorized and verified and it must be legitimate, consistent and congruous. . In particular, each operation must therefore have adequate registration and must be supported by suitable documentation, in order to be able to carry out checks at any time that certify its characteristics and reasons and identify who authorized, carried out, registered, verified the operation itself. In any case, any form of discrimination is prohibited and, in particular, any discrimination based on race, nationality, sex, age, physical and mental disabilities, sexual orientation, political opinions, trade unions or religious beliefs.


Social consciousness.

Deeply rooted in the territory of Brescia, for Ferremi Rodlfo S.p.A. it is essential to be an active component of its social context, contributing to the socio-economic development and well-being of the community. Over time, we have created numerous initiatives to support the community, from the sponsorship of initiatives to support the development of activities of collective interest, to the provision of incentives to promote productivity and corporate loyalty. We are always active also through donations to charities.

Commitment for a sustainable future.

For over 75 years, Ferremi has been thinking about the future with a strong drive for innovation as the hallmark of its commitment to every challenge. Looking to the future today means thinking in terms of sustainability and paying more and more attention to all its aspects. Keeping an eye on innovation plays an essential role to lead a philosophy of sustainable development, capable of contributing to a new social development, for the health of people and the environment. In this way a new idea of security and a vision of community can be built in the name of extended wellbeing.

Sustainability aware.

Since 2020, Ferremi has formalized its commitment to enhance and implement green practices and behaviors and social conscience. In light of the commitment to sustainability, we have renewed the production processes for die-cast accessories and components, today particularly oriented towards respect for the environment, ensuring non-polluting atmospheric emissions and using only zero-impact materials. The die-cast components are made of aluminium, zamak and brass: 100% ecological and recyclable materials.