Laboratory for die-casting

Control methods.

Dimensional surveys

  • Laser detection machine FARO Profile enlarger
  • Three-dimensional detector of dimensions
  • Load cell
  • Digital thermometer
  • CTR (real-time control)
  • Vernier calipers
  • Micrometers
  • Primary SIT certified for length, weight, temperature, ph, tightening torque, pressure

Laboratory for die-casting

  • Salt spray chambers
  • QUV Condenser (accelerated aging)
  • Oven (+200° C)
  • Refrigerator (-40° C)
  • QGR (Stone Strikes)
  • Tank for water resistance tests
  • Quadrettatori
  • Cold impact test device
  • Fatigue/Reliability Testing Equipment
  • Humidistatic chamber
  • Pendulum for persoz/konig hardness tests
  • Reflectometer (glossmeter)
  • Feeler gauges
  • Couloscope (copper-nickel-chromium galvanic thickness measurements)
  • Magne gage (nickel thickness measurements)
  • Microscope

The integrated production process of Ferremi Rodolfo Spa also includes the execution of tests, checks and trials, which we carry out directly and internally to the company, to deliver to the customer safe components, tested and perfectly compliant with the agreed quality standards. For this reason we are equipped with a modern laboratory for die casting, equipped with machinery and equipment of the latest generation that allow us to perform in a precise and reliable multiple tests on our production, according to the specific requests of the customer, as well as our internal quality and safety protocols. In our laboratory for die-casting, therefore, we are able to perform tests for environmental durability and resistance to atmospheric agents, salt mist tests for corrosion resistance, accelerated aging test Q.U.V., Water resistance tests, cold impact tests and Q.G.R. (stone blow). We are also equipped with specific equipment for fatigue and reliability testing, humiostatic chamber and pendulum for persoz/Konig hardness testing. For quality control and verification of compliance with the tolerances and conformity required for each order, we are equipped with a metrology room with multiple equipment that allow us to perform the necessary dimensional measurements on the produced pieces. The equipment of our laboratory for die-casting includes a laser detection machine FARO and profile enlarger, a three-dimensional meter of dimensions, a load cell, digital thermometer gauges to run, micrometers, thicknesses and we have SIT certified primary materials for length, weight, temperature, ph, tightening torque, pressure. The quality control of production is a continuous process, which crosses the entire production cycle starting from the design. During the sampling and production phase, we perform the first checks required by the customer, including dimensional, functional and aesthetic surveys. During the actual production phase, our team of experts not only verifies the compliance with the agreed requirements and the absence of non-compliance, but is also dedicated to the constant monitoring of the production flow, tracing the entire process in the database and keeping the information obtained so that it can be certified and verifiable in real time. Upon request, we provide the customer with both the test report and the certification of conformity of the raw materials used.