The vision

We offer an integrated service to satisfy every request concerning high quality aluminium, zamak and brass die-casting.

Ferremi’s main goal consists in answering all requests coming from the customers for the processing and the production of complex components with competence and efficiency. In addition to its solid 75-years-old experience, what makes Ferremi a partner to choose is its commitment in research and develop new technologies. Experience new and tailor-made solutions is our mission. Be at complete disposal of our customers to shape and carry out complex projects with them, our daily goal. Share our flexibility and strong will to always strive for perfection, our pride. Ferremi operates with a professional, transparent collaborative consulting approach because it believes that only a clear and propositional exchange of ideas can lead us and our customers to success. We set high standards by implementing strict internal procedures to control our quality. From processing to production, including mechanical processing and powder and liquid painting, from assembly to customer care, we manage directly every single procedure by setting internal goals to guarantee the customer’s requirements and quality without compromises. With this in mind, we like to say that we make MADE IN ITALY. From initial processing and to delivery, the whole die-casting process, every step of it, takes place in our premises and where we need an external intervention, we carefully select our partners and collaborators in order to guarantee a final result which is controllable and traceable in every moment. We work as a team at all levels: among us in Ferremi and outside with suppliers, customers and collaborators. We all have a common goal: not only satisfy but exceed the customer’s expectations by providing a complete service of high quality for the production of die-cast aluminium, zamak and brass components.