Ferremi Rodolfo | Design

Design of die-cast components, industrialization and prototyping.

Design of die-cast components and molds

Starting off the customer’s drawing, our in-house design office deals with the feasibility analysis and industrialization of the project, with the aim of making the product optimized and compatible for the die-casting process. We use Catia 5 workstations and our technicians are constantly trained and updated to create state-of-the-art components and molds, totally tailored and of maximum efficiency even in the case of complex projects and advanced technical details.


In total collaboration with the customer and with maximum transparency, our technicians are dedicated to the phases of industrialization of the project, with the aim of optimizing costs, times and resources: they predict and eliminate any possible errors and criticality and take prompt action with the necessary corrections and improvements when needed. At this stage of the design of die-cast components, we always pay great attention to both the performance required and the care of the design of the finished product.

Reverse engineering

For the design of die-cast components, on request and in case of need we also deal with reverse engineering activities. In this case, instead of starting from the 3D mathematics of the project, we analyze the existing product to recreate a complete digital representation, which then allows us to proceed with the analysis and industrialization activities. We use re-engineering processes both when 3d or CAD models of the article are not available, and when it is necessary to optimize the technical and functional characteristics of an existing product.

Rapid prototyping

Using the latest generation of specific machines, we also make prototypes of complex products, so as to allow our customers a real verification of the project. Thanks to the prototype, in fact, it is possible to analyze in detail any possible variants, perform tests and preliminary tests and thus obtain the most efficient and advantageous solution possible.

Ferremi Rodolfo Spa’s die-cast components and die-casting moulds design department is the heart of the company, where innovative, technologically advanced and concretely effective solutions are born and take shape. The skills of our employees and the experience gained in many sectors, from automotive to mechanics, allows us to support customers with great flexibility in the design, industrialization and optimization of every type of project.