Ready for
any kind of project.

Specialized in die-casting for automotive, we make handles and die-cast aluminium accessories and components. We make the ideas of our customers become reality without lacking attention to design and innovation.

Ferremi Rodolfo S.p.a.


Attention to details
and absolute precision.

We can face any kind of projects even the most complex ones thanks to the experience gained in die-casting for the automotive sector and so granting the fact that we can live up to our customers expectations anytime.

By researching new technologies and new production runs constantly and continuously, Ferremi has become trough years a solid example in the market committed to design, industrialization and production of die-cast components for the automotive sectors. Excellence in quality, reliability and the possibility of personalizing the customers requests make us stand out among competitors and build our image and reputation with customers and collaborators who can rely on a strong and concrete partnership. In fact, Ferremi consider itself today a mere point of reference for the main brands in the sector.

Few examples of our products

From handles to badges for steering wheels, from hinges and levers to dashboards and tunnel decorations, our portfolio includes a wide range of components for vehicles completed with surface finishes and overall supplies.


Technical experience
and know-how make
us face every type
of challenge
in certain times.

The whole production of die-cast accessories and components for vehicles we make and that sometimes are destined to original equipment, satisfy directly and indirectly the needs of important automotive brands.

We only use noble and recycable materials like aluminium, which contributes to enrich the part with solidity and value, for a final result of high aestethic and fuctional quality. Thanks to our 75-years-old experience in die-casting for different market sectors, we can boast a solid know-how and all the flexibility needed to shape the most complex projects by supplying complex die-cast parts with electrical wiring and finishes.

Some examples of finished products

Car body parts, luggage rack, plates, handles and spoiler: starting from the customer’s idea, we take care of the whole production run, from industrialization to mechanical processing, assembly and delivery.


Quality is a project
made of details.

Our design team is a fundamental element in the company from which the feasibility of a project comes, where final mathematics are reinforced and the project-related tools take shape.

The concept phase is enriched with new contents and find application when the final model is produced. Our goal is ambitious: we want to create harmonious designs which contribute to add value and safety to the whole vehicle.

Conscious sustainability.

Ferremi pays particular attention to green behaviors and social awareness. Over time, we have created numerous initiatives to help the environment:

Quality first of all.
Production of die castings, Ferremi Rodolfo SpA, Italy