About Ferremi

Since 1946 a path of continous growth in the die-casting of zamak, zinc and brass.

Zamak die-casting, Ferremi Rodolfo Spa, Italy
Zamak die-casting, Ferremi Rodolfo Spa, Italy
Zamak die-casting, Ferremi Rodolfo Spa, Italy
Zamak die-casting, Ferremi Rodolfo Spa, Italy
Zamak die-casting, Ferremi Rodolfo Spa, Italy

Over 70 years of experience in the field of zamak, aluminium and brass die-casting at the service of multiple industrial sectors, have helped us to embrace various competences and to develop highly versatile skills that today are the added value to our company.

The great design and production flexibility let us have a creative, strategic and problem-solving oriented approach to all our customers and make us able to satisfy successfully every kind of requests even the most complex ones. Our corporate is structured to offer a complete and integrated service: from design to production, from delivery to assistance on the premises we take care of every step directly so that we can provide semi-finished and finished products in compliance with the given standards, agreements and relevant regulations.

1946 Ferremi Rodolfo Foundation | Brass Foundry.
1950 Opening of the Aluminium foundry.
1960 Expansion of the production plan and opening of the mechanical processing, assembly and paint departments.
1965 Opening of the zamak foundry department.
1970 Opening of the new production site: die-casting zamak detachment.
1975 Expansion of the main facility | Paint departments Implementation.
1980 Transfer of operational headquarters with centralization of headquarters 2.
1985 Extension of the production site with acquisition of cataphoresis technology.
1990 Extension: construction of the administrative building.
1995 Extension of the production site – construction of the building for the technical, quality and human resources departments.
2000 Opening of the plastic moulding shop.
2005 Opening of the prototyping and dimensional measurements department.
2010 Renewal of the aluminium press fleet in the foundry.
2015 Renewal of the aluminium presses in the foundry.
2020 Opening of the new powder paint plant.

Ferremi was founded in 1946 by Mr. Ferremi Rodolfo and it was born as an artisan activity dedicated mainly to the production of brass items for the house. Being aware of its strong roots in a territory permeated by a deep tradition in the field of household goods and the processing of metal alloys, it decided to enlarge its production during the 60s and started to offer die-cast zamak components. Since the very beginning of the 80s after changing its corporate organization to Ferremi Rodolfo Spa (e.g Ltd., a company limited by shares), the company has experience a gradual constant growth that has led it to the possibility of widening its production even more by introducing a new material: the aluminium. At the same time its position within the automotive industry gets stronger and stronger so that within a while Ferremi manages to become at first main partner to Alfa Romeo and then first plant supplier of car handles and die-cast components for the Fiat Group, Maserati and Ferrari. The acquisition of more and more orders makes the company be able to acquire a growing specialization in the sector and to confirm itself a reference partner for those Groups looking for a highly precise, reliable, quality production. Today Ferremi is appreciated and internationally recognized as a leader producer of zamak, zinc and brass die-casting aestethic components for vehicles and small household goods, industrial electric components and mechanical and hydraulic parts.