The production run

Aluminum, zamak and brass die-casting.

Ferremi has been specializing in aluminum, zamak and brass die-casting for different market sectors since 1946. The “tailor made” production process, developed over the years to offer customers maximum customization: design and construction quality including the direct management of all the phases that lead to the supply of an excellent finished product. From rough material supply coming from our foundry to mechanical processing, from powder and liquid painting to assembly, from control and trial tests to delivery, every step is meticulously supervised so that is traceable and in compliance with the standards given all the time.

Zamak die-casting, aluminum die-casting, brass die-casting

Thanks to its experience and continuous researching for technological innovation, Ferremi’s foundry has managed to become a specialist in aluminum, zamak and brass die-casting. Our machinery comprehends molds specific for zync alloys die-casting whose weight variates between 20 and 300 tons including vacuum-sealed die-casting, molds for up to 200 tons brass die-casting and molds for 320-1150 tons aluminum die-casting


Ferremi has its own department dedicated to mechanical processing and divided in CNC machining centers, rotary tables from 3 to 6 units, drilling and tapping machine. Thanks to our team’s technical skills we can face every kind of mechanical processing on semi-finished die-cast parts as well as periodical maintenance operations on production molds.

Special finishes

From barreling to tumbling, from sandblasting to cuttings, we are able to carry out multiple special finishes on customer’s request in order to supply die-cast turnkey products. Attention to design and a great care for details are core values to our activities reason why our production run include the above-stated workings.

Plastic molding

Ferremi has enlarged its production premises by adding a specific department dedicated to plastic injection molding. In this department you can find latest generation presses with capacities from 140 to 400 tons equipped with dryers/dehumidifiers, feeders, thermo chillers, conveyor belts and3-axes gripping arms.

Surface treatments

Besides the cleaning process that follows aluminum, zamak and brass die-casting and plastic molding, we also take care of the agreed surface treatments. In particular we clean, degrease and apply surface protectors before delivering the parts.

Powder and
liquid painting

We use specific state-of-the-art systems to carry out powder and liquid painting. We always apply environmentally friendly and high quality paints which guarantee an excellent aesthetic and functional performance over time. We can also perform on request fireproof treatments by applying intumescent paint.


By means of automatic, semi-automatic and manual assembly benches, we handle the assembly of every mechanical and electronic component. The internal management of the assembly operations allows us to deliver to the customer groups and subgroups perfectly responding to the required conformity and made in full compliance with the agreed procedures.