Ferremi Rodolfo | Mold making

Design, making and maintenance of molds for die-casting.


Starting off the 3D mathematics given by the customer, our technical department deals with the analysis of the project, the development of the equipment and takes care of the technical feasibility aiming to make the customer’s final idea and requests compatible with the die-casting process. Our goals is to shape all our customers’ needs by optimizing the whole process to ensure high quality standards, promptness and efficiency.


For all customers, we review customized schedules for the realization of the industrialization plan, from the design of the mould to the realization of the first off-tool pieces, ensuring the continuous monitoring of the progress of the schedules themselves.


With the help of our tool-makers specialized in the production of molds for die-casting with which we have been collaborating for years, we take care directly of the complete process of mold making up to first test which consists in the commissioning on our presses. The entire phase is constantly monitored and controlled through dedicated software for the simulation of the die-casting process.


Thanks to the internal mechanical tooling, we perform routine maintenance on our customers’ equipment and minor repairs to ensure a better performance over time. Our team is also able to perform the necessary optimizations for die-casting molds to obtain the highest quality products.

During the die casting process, the customer is always the absolute protagonist of every phase. By listening carefully to the needs, we commit ourselves to reach tailor-made solutions of excellence, without ever making compromises. Our mission, in fact, is to perfectly combine design, technical functionality, timing and costs, with a special focus on environmental sustainability. Ferremi Rodolfo Spa stands for reliability, punctuality and constant monitoring of activities, use of raw materials and certified thermal treatments, quality control and after-sales service. Our company is today a primary interlocutor for industries that require technical and aesthetic details with high complexity. From the initial phases of the feasibility analysis to the construction of die-casting molds, we support the customer in a custom co-engineering path to obtain the maximum precision of the finished product and the best production efficiency. The specialization and experience of our staff are the determining factors that allow us to win every challenge with full success.