Production of die castings

Quality policy

Overall quality of die cast production


Attention to the quality of die-cast production,design and construction processes, customer assistance and listening systems has always been the basis of every activity of Ferremi Rodolfo SpA. For this we have a specifically dedicated internal team to control and quality in every aspect. A staff of 9 professionals therefore takes care of the control of products and processes, with one person for each department dedicated to the physical verification of die-cast production and compliance with established procedures. Two expert technicians are dedicated to on-site assistance, i.e. at our customers’ premises for the control of defects and a team takes care, finally, of the document quality, the achievement of certifications and compliance with procedures. At every level.


We are equipped with an Environmental Management System compliant with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard and able to provide a structured context within which to manage the environmental aspects of the activities carried out and the services provided. The EMS allows the systematic control of the level of environmental performance with a view to continuous improvement and the development of the environmental management of the above-mentioned company activities, according to the guidelines dictated by the environmental policy of Ferremi Rodolfo SpA. The Environment function is responsible for compliance with the ISO 14001 standard of the Environmental Management System (MSGA) manual, its application and maintenance and related documentation.


Ferremi Rodolfo SpA strongly believes in corporate trust and loyalty as essential values for economic and social development and, last but not least, for achieving the highest quality standards. This is why we have a Code of Ethics that collects the principles, foundations and behaviors promoted by the company to implement cohesion, creativity, innovation, healthiness, transparency and growth. We believe in teamwork, in the sense of belonging and, at the same time, in the enhancement of personal skills, which we are committed to stimulating and recognizing. We base our internal and external relationships on transparency, fairness and respect, since only with collaboration and the willingness to get involved with honesty do we believe it is possible to achieve cutting-edge results.


Quality first of all

For Ferremi Rodolfo SpA Quality is an uncompromising mission. The main value of our company is the customer, therefore each business process is conceived and carried out with a view to satisfying its particular needs.

Production of die castings, Ferremi Rodolfo SpA, Italy

The certifications achieved in recent years are proof of how much the company invests in this area.

ISO 14001
and ISO 50001

in phase of certification

Quality and attention to the customer

The main objective of our company is the continuous and constant improvement of the quality of our die-cast production and our services, from design to on-site assistance, to guarantee customer satisfaction andtossima availability for every request. The quality policy of Ferremi Rodolfo SpA therefore starts from careful listening to the needs of the market and can be expressed in the following objectives:

  • total customer satisfaction, its CSRs and its implicit and explicit requirements thanks to the constant improvement of business processes and products
  • respect for the environment
  • maximum attention to the safety of products, people and means of production
  • profitability and success of the company and performance improvement

Such macrostargetsare pursued through the implementation of the following guidelines:

  • continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of production processes and services through a Quality Management System in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 standards
  • clear definition of internal responsibilities and tasks, with an approach that favors and encourages teamworka
  • monitoring and management of any non-conformities (internal and external) and continuous attention to the prevention of defects and risks (“zero defects” and “zero risks” objective)
  • prompt response to customer needs relating to the development times of new products/processes and qualitative increase of the product/service provided
  • use of adequate and innovative technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of production processes
  • effective control and monitoring of outsourced activities through selection, growth and development of the supply chain
  • active involvement and constant improvement of the skills and knowledge of staff and employees